PREAMBLE Stock trading its an investment into US stock exchange market in which you buy shares(stocks) from any desired company you can afford their share prices, companies like Facebook , Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Ford, Cisco, Oracle and other thousands of companies whose shares are traded everyday in New York stock exchange market. These shares are acquired through initial public offer (IPO) of the these companies, afterwards, you can access these share through brokers of the exchange market. These brokers are licensed portfolio managers regulated by US stock exchange commission. Broker like accept almost every country with free virtual/demo trading account for trading practice. There are two types of investors in this market; 1 Long term investors. These investors keep their shares to appreciate very well as longer as 1 year and above before they sell.These investors earn all the dividend of the quarters given by the companies they invested in. And investors whom have shares of a company in his possession within 1-3 months will be entitled to earn dividend. 2 Short term investors. These investors are called active traders. They make profit from their trades by buying and selling shares daily, weekly and monthly through strategic method of buy time and sell time. These investors often time make more money on a long run due to the fluctuation in market.


1. Minimum deposit of $500 trading fund.

2. Domiciliary/dollar account for wire transfer.

3. Utility bill for proof of address.

4. A valid ID.

Note that the above information provided is free, and can start you up on these business. I will have to send to you a training package which will contain all brokers that accepts your country, stock that you can rely on for a successful trading business, strategies of when to buy and when to sell a stock, call backup for trade and advice, and finally stock and broker that you can use the minimum deposit of $500 to start trade and make at least $40 weekly. Now because there is no promotions and commissions in stock market all over the world, i stand to get nothing for putting all these together to help people out there. That is why i have to put up a token fee of $100(negotiable) so that the poor and the rich can have access to this business opportunity in the best economy of the world.