The bottom line is TinqSpace International is taking over the ownership of all your BGC, to be deprecated into another digital asset for businesses.

Over time, all you will see in your wallet is just the naira equivalent of your BGC and you can withdraw. After withdrawal, your BGC account will be short down.

Back to BGC. I’ll admit that explaining the next step will take some very hard work. Cause it’s not something you’ve ever seen before…..I know it will be hard because of the time I spent explaining to one of the brightest mind I’ve ever met .. So you’ll have to bear with me. I’m trying so that things don’t get lost in translation.

Good Coin (GDC) is a Universal Reward Currency for businesses. It unifies discounts, cashbacks and other business promotions. Now, you can earn rewards from MTN and use it to buy things at KFC… Etc. You can’t buy it, you can only earn it. It’s currently deployed on Good Company, a crowdfunding platform where you can use Loyalty Rewards from the little things you do everyday to raise funds. Our featured partners (in principle) are 9mobile and Pepsi.

Let me give you a scenario one Good Company.

If you were to choose between Coca-cola and Pepsi, 90% of you will go for Coca-Cola.

If I were to ask you which network do you use, 95% of you will not mention 9mobile.

But then, all these companies spend millions of naira on advertisements, promotions and celebrities endorsements so that you can always choose them.

But you’ve never for once based your choice of any of these products on which celebrities are supporting which product. You recharge your phone anyway whenever you have to.

So, why should Glo be spending 150 million naira on signing WizKid as brand ambassador when theirs a Glo customer on an hospital bed somewhere looking for just 2 million naira to safe his life from cancer? Or you that would recharge your Glo line anyway, even though you need 100k to pay your school fees or 1 million naira to start a business.

So, now imagine 9mobile coming out to say. Rather than spend all that money on just advertisements and other promotions, they’ll give every customer who opts in, 1 Naira Reward, everytime you recharge your 9mobile with a minimum of 100 Naira? But this 1 Naira is not meant to be spent on yourself but to help someone else reach his or her financial goals.

Now, say 5 million people opt in to this program. That means for a minimum of 500 million naira 9mobile is making, it’s giving back 5 million naira (1%) to its customers for their loyalties.

Now, there’s a platform where you can all go to state how much you need. And there, you can all donate your 1 Naira to those who need to meet financial goals. You donate 2 million to the guy in the hospital, they donate 1 million towards your business ideas.

That’s Good Company in layman’s explanation.

It’s like:

Only that you won’t be using your money.