This official payment date was gotten from the CEO of BGC in relation to tinq space

Good day everybody. Please, we all need to calm down. I have my family here. Long term friends. Even some of my bosses in the university are here… I promised you and I’m not about to default on that.

I am also fully aware that more than 80% of people who participated in our ICO have no idea what cryptocurrency business is all about, hence they did not know what they were buying into. This is why some people were talking about “withdrawal”, “I’ve waited”, etc.

But in all things, we must seek knowledge with humility and patience.

For everyone who was in “hot” wallet then, nobody can say he’s owed by TinqSpace. We paid promptly and timely too… Even when what we sold was much less than what we were to pay.

Now, the cryptocurrency market is in a shamble. Bitcoin Cash just went through a hard fork and it’s taken the whole market with it. You should be happy that you put some of your money in BlogCoin, for those who trade in other currencies. You won’t feel the impact on BlogCoin because we’ve not exposes it to the market.

We’ve tried to build a place for BlogCoin and gradually introduce it into the wider market, but the current market, coupled with current investors attitude, we’ve not succeeded.

But like I promised, you won’t lose your money. If we had given you your actual premined wallet from June 17, by now, you’ll not have any value in it.

Yes, we promised to buy back. This offer was made in anticipation of so many factors. One of which is currency swap between other altcoins. But that is not currently possible as most coins we’ve already built for have now gone into extinction, within 48 hours of this week. If you doubt me, you can request for your block and try… Just know that TinqSpace won’t be responsible for you again. This is what should have happened in normal ICO, but because we are trying to make this an African thing, we’ve decided to go this route. Else, who do you call on if you had had bitcoin Cash? Cause now you can’t sell it and you can’t hold the creator.

But hey, we’ve found a way and it’s a PIVOT.

In tech parlance, a pivot means change in business model or directions. It could be vertical or horizontal. E.g. Coca-Cola used to be cough syrup it then pivoted to flex drinks. Samsung used to be a grocery store before it pivoted to electronics, etc… Hope this helps?

You will all get ever dime you currently see in your wallet now. You just need to work with us.

The first thing that will happen is that, mining will be suspended from tomorrow. Afterwards, I’ll make further announcement.


Just know that, for sure, before the end of this year, you’ll all begin to reap your investments.

Thank you all for your trust, patience and understanding…. And I am really sorry for any inconvenience. This is beyond our control. But we are happy that we’ve found a way out.