Today, I’ll write a detailed analysis on wakanda nation income program review, another latest income program in Nigeria, a legitimate way to make money online without breaking rules.

Things turn out to get better in the online income world everyday. We get wow’ed with some income programs which offer us great stuffs in return to favor them.

It was and today, its Don’t get me wrong, is still in existence and paying perfectly, but you’ll find more interesting to resist.

Soon enough, I will compare, contrast and publish a vs article. Although, the slightest difference is has a N1,600 registration fee and has a N1,300 registration fee.

I’ll proceed by breaking down the review analysis into parts for better understanding.

When came along, which happen to have same similarities with, I didn’t bother to drop a review because of my busy schedules.

I’ll gladly make a nation income program review right away, I won’t repeat my same nasty attitude!

Wakanda Nation Income Program Review ; Who is

This is a very pleasant question, and I’ll give you a pleasant answer.

Wakanda is the newest legitimate online business in Nigeria, and with this income program, you can make up to N20,000 weekly depending on your persistence and consistency on the nation income program.

Just for the record, is a registered trademark of Ladina Integrated Science, they also have a traceable office in Abuja. This alone, speaks value and erases any form of instability that you think may occur.

Wakanda is a news platform, rather call it news website. They hunger for publicity and they need your help. Thus, you earn via commenting, sharing of posts, reading daily news, writing posts, inviting people and much more.

Isn’t that fabulous? Super right!

It doesn’t end there, no it didn’t!

Right here, right now, I’ll list the two (2) major ways to make lots of money from nation income program within your short stay over there, perhaps, long stay!

How to Make Money on Nation Income Program

You really want to learn how to make money from review income stream?

I’ll also walk you through the wakanda nation income program review of their dashboard and other interesting things to catch over there.

It’s fun, legggooo!

There are just two (2) options to make money from this nation income program review and you’ll definitely fall in love with the second (2nd) option because it’s quite profitable.

1. WADS. (Wakanda Adverts-revenue Sharing program)

Wakanda Nation is paid to run targeted adverts by companies, agencies, corporations, businesses and Individuals regularly.
We have decided to give you part of the Money we make from advertisement if you participate actively in our forum.

Thus, You Earn:
A. N50 for daily login to your active account.
B. N50 for each sponsored post you share on your Facebook wall.
C. N1 for every valid comment you drop in the forum.

2. WAP. (Wakanda Affiliate Program.)

Wakanda affiliate program allows you to earn money by using your referral link to invite your friends to join wakanda Nation. When you join our affiliate program, you:

  • Earn N1,000 for each person you refer to wakanda Nation affiliate program.
  • To register for wakanda Nation affiliate program, please Login to your normal account and click on “Affiliate Area” inside your Dashboard.
  • WAP has a One-time Registration fee of N1,300 only.
  • You can Pay online with your ATM CARD or Bank/mobile Transfer or Offline Bank Deposit.

How to Join & Register on Nation Income Program in 10 minutes

Follow my simple guide below and within 10 minutes, you should be done with your registration, like really done!

1. Click here to Register for an account.
wakanda nation income program review

2. On the next step, fill in your “Bank Account Details” and click “Next review
3. On the next page “Tick the Online Payment (Pay with your ATM cards)” and click the “Payment Buttons Banner” as you can see in the picture below.
So make sure you have up to N1,300 in your card. You can choose “Bank Transfer/Offline Payment/Mobile Transfer” if your card doesn’t work, or you don’t have money in your card, but have it review
4. After making successful payments, come back to that same page and click “NEXT
wakanda nation income program review
5. On the next page, enter the full name you entered when making payments, enter N1,300 as amount paid, upload proof of payment and click on “Finish Registraton

Proof of payment can be the debit alert you received or any concrete evidence you have. If your phone don’t have screenshot, snap the screen with another phone. You can save and continue later if it’s going to take your time.
wakanda nation income program review

6. That’s all mate. Your account will be pending approval and will be approved within 5 hours.
wakanda review income opportunity

You can alternatively pay via bitcoin which totals to $3.3 btc. This method is for non-nigerians and nigerians can still use it too. Click here to see how to do that.

So, hey, within 10 minutes, you probably should be done with registration and perhaps, cleaning dusts from your buttocks.

Oh, I’m silly!

My Account is Approved, Now What?

Your account will be approved just as soon as you complete your one time payment of N1,300. So, there are no hard feelings on account approval.

Now, I really want to congratulate you for becoming a full fledged member, ready to rock and roll with the bosses. This means you’re now ready to start taking parts in the income program.

Most importantly, you’ll now make a whooping N1,000 for every person you bring to join the nation income program using your referral link or ID preferably.

Now, when you make it a mandate to bring 15 persons weekly, that’s N15,000 weekly for you, when you put more effort, you can be making N20,000 weekly.

This is just an estimate of what you can make, I believe you can make above that and earn a high record number.

I’m not a Nigerian, Am I eligible?

Definitely, probably and hopefully, big YES!

With the new method to pay via btc which is $3.3btc, it makes it all better and easier. So, when you register an account, goto your affiliate area and pay using btc, a bitcoin address is provided for you already. Here’s how to go about that.

How am I paid on Nation Income Program?

You’re paid every sunday, yaay! Every week end!

Your money are paid directly to your local bank account, if you’re a non-nigerian, you can get paid via bitcoin, be sure to provide your bitcoin wallet ID in the bank account section of your account.

Minimum withdrawal amount is N4,000.

Click Here to register for an account on Nation Income Program.

This wakanda nation income program review will surely improve your interest and guide you on how to go about it diligently. It’s your turn to start making money in Nigerian and Out-side Nigeria in 2018.

Have any questions, drop it in the comment section. I’m ready for ya!