Just as you Have been thinking of Using affiliate programs to monetize your website so AdSense as a means of monetization won’t stop pestering your thought……

Yet again and gain you remain confused on which means of monetization you should choose for your website (AdSense or Affiliate?)

As a pro blogger we all know that you are always serious with your monthly income so you don’t want to go any further steps or make an effort to terminate it. The question of wither to use AdSense or affiliate is a confusing question especially to newbies but today am going to throw some light on this aspect of argument in your Reasoning.

There is a Thin Saying that Google and affiliate don’t work together but that’s a pure lie. You can monetize your website strategically with both means of monetisation (AdSense+Affiliate)

What Is Affiliate ?

Affiliate is an online program which enables you to make money online selling either physical or digital products.

As an affiliate Marketer, You will be given a certain link for every product you choose to sell and when you share this link and anyone click on the link to make purchase you will get commission for every successful sale.

AdSense vs Affiliate program Nigeria, AdSense better than affiliate,

For every blogging niche you choose to blog on, there is always an affiliate product to sell for money e.g as the owner of WordPress Nigeria who writes about Creating websites and Making Money Online in Nigeria and Abroad i do affiliate DomainKing where i sell Hosting space and get paid for every successful Domain+ Hosting Sales. As a website owner who blogs about Health niche you can Sell Pills as an affiliates, You can also sell other health gadgets as an affiliate marketer

What Is Google AdSense?

:Google AdSense is an online advertising platform which offers publishers Earning space via Pay per click (PPC) and impressions.

As an AdSense Publisher , you Place AdSense ads on your already approved website and you get paid for every click on your ads and you also get paid per impression

Before i proceed i have a testimony to share from a good friend!! i know it might be of good help to you and other readers.

I will Rather blog Free than to monetize my Website with AdSense (Says SEUN)

Few days ago a friend was asking Me to show him how to make money online so i recommended AdSense having gone through his blogging niche and the kind of traffic he gets.

To my greatest surprise SEUN replied and told me that he will rather stop making money online or even stop blogging in all instead of using Google AdSense as a means of monetisation. lol i nearly laugh out my ass. He further stated;

” I applied for AdSense and get approved i used AdSense for more than 2months with good accumulated earning and i was locked out for stupid reasons i cannot tell, I was not moved so i got another AdSense and after my first withdrawal of $100 i got banned, I was still persistence so i got another AdSense and after earning about 1,500$ i was suspended and later banned for invalid clicks and activities.”

I was weak to the bone and vowed never to use AdSense Seun Said. I felt sympathetic yet there was nothing i could do. All his hard earned AdSense are all gone he even go to the extent of changing domain name having got banned on his main domain name yet he finds no solution.

I noticed his problem was not from AdSense but enemies Online. Believe me just like you have enemies offline so you have them online. Some will even vow that they won’t see you use AdSense as long as they know your website. this happens commonly in Nigeria. They are ready to use VPN in clicking your Ads daily to make sure you are locked out and unless you identify and block such IPs you will get dooomed.

Even with what happened to John i still say AdSense has done nothing instead they only keeps to their policies so as an AdSense publisher you have to read and know AdSense policies and also avoid your enemies online if you can know them.